Welcome to the users of Rovas!

This program is to transliterate web pages to Rovas Script. Installing this extension allows you to view web pages with Rovas characters.

Installation status

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How to use the program?

Either press F4 or click on any Rovas icon in the browser window to transliterate a page. Restoring the page is achieved by pressing F5.

Browse in Rovas!™

When you select this menu, all pages you visit are auto-transliterated to rovas.

Additional capabilities

In areas depicted below you can initiate the transliteration.

Rovas icons


Practice shows it's better to view transliterated pages a bit larger. To manually zoom, use the three zoom menu items. Also, you can use your browser's built in (Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+0) to manipulate zoom.  


Clicking on the Preferences menu item in any Rovas menu shows the following window.

Settings window

Font settings

Here you can set the font to be used, and also the transliteration direction.


It's possible to automatically zoom the page after transliteration has finished. Please set the factor here also.

Handle special words

Handle exceptional words.

Use extended letters

Use symbol (if possible) for dz, dzs, q, w, x, y.

Use deep K symbol

There are two "K" symbols in the Rovas alphabet. One of them is used when A, O, U precedes K. With this option you can make this symbol appear in these cases.

Symbol contraction/Ligatures

Rovas letters can be contracted into each other. There are some built-in contractions in the fonts you can make the program to display with this checkbox set.


There are some symbols in Rovas Script which don't come straight from basic characters. When this checkbox is on, the extension can use these symbols also.

Number transliteration / Keep numbers left to right

You can also transliterate arabic numbers to Rovas numbers with this option. If the Numbers option is off, arabic numbers shall remain but you can keep them in left to right direction with the second checkbox.

Show original text as tooltip

Tooltip over transliteration

Use this option to show a tooltip over transliterated words.

Rovas whitespace

Whitespaces between words can be changed to rovas-whitespace (middle dot). But this it's not recommended because the page's word wrapping'll be wrong.

Vowel omitting

Vowels can be omitted in certain cases. You can set the vowel omitting preferences here.


What is Rovas?

Rovas is an alphabet and writing method, used in the Carpathian Basin with the largest density. You can see the two most popular Rovas alphabets in the pictures below. (Symbols are in right-to-left direction.)

Magyar Adorján Forrai Sándor

Thank You ...

... for installing this browser extension and trying Rovas! For a complete list of contributors please see the hungarian help page.



The extension was made by Gergely Kliha. You can reach me at: .
Colored hungarian samplers may differ from original hungarian samplers!